Wednesday, November 6, 2013

....And the rest of June

Ok, so my June photo-a-day was a bit of a failure. Pretty suckish, really.  But I won't dwell on it.  No time for dwelling.

So here's how the rest of June, 2013 went down......

After getting Max off on his 5-day, 50-mile-hike Scout Camp, and getting Marlee all packed up, I drove her up to Provo for Summer School.

She was SO ready.
Not a bit sad to leave.
Which is good.  I guess.
We got her all set up in her Hinckley Hall dorm room.
I was flooded with BYU freshman year memories & was SO excited for her.
And then it was time for me to head back home. 
And Mars headed off to a freshman mixer.
And I cried a little bit as I drove all the way back to AZ in my empty Suburban by myself.
And then I got kinda freaked out when I started getting texts from her about all of the RM's she was meeting & hanging out with!
Jake finally got his permit.
Caroline's bandaid fetish was still going strong.
And she grew more & more dramatic & hilarious with each passing day.
And then I ended the month with a little Scottsdale girls weekend with my two besties.
I love these guys!!
Then we were off to Coronado for the 4th, then straight to Montana, then an 8-day road trip on the way home.
Wish me luck on getting all of those pictures blogged!!

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