Saturday, July 28, 2012

my favorite of Frolo....

Somehow I missed posting this. And I think it's my favorite.

Lo SO worked it for this one.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back in October....

....we went to Seattle & Vancouver with the Garns for an Orthodontic meeting.

We hit all our favorite places in Seattle (we used to live there), and had a fabulous, relaxing time.  And I vowed to get back up there with the kids (older ones) as soon as possible.  It's such a freaking cool place!!!

Then up to Vancouver for the Ortho thing....

(Seattle's way cooler)

And yes, the Japadog stand was definitely a highlight.

Then, a week later, we took a little weekend trip to Utah to go to an ASU-UofU football game with our favorite ASU fans, the Smiths.

We were in our little ASU section surrounded by a sea of red.

You can still see my black eyes from my birthday car accident. :(

Then we hung out by ourselves the whole weekend in the Z's Deer Valley pad.
It was divine.
Got some work done,  went out to eat the whole time,

Got this new scarf,

Got a little early snow....

Then we flew home, packed the car & the kids, and drove to Lake Powell, all in the same day.
That post coming soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Gus + Jasper = Gusper

They're together every possible minute of every day.
So it's easier to just call them 'Gusper'. 
 Like,  "Where did Gusper go?"  "Are Gusper over at your house now?"  and  "Did Gusper eat that whole box of Cheezits?"    See. Much quicker.

I think they share the same brain.

Here's Gusper doing what they do about twenty times each day.....running from one house to the other.

And always in their own little imaginative world.

And leaving a trail of imagination mess behind them.

Once, they set up a 'hospital' for all of our stuffed animals in my bedroom.  I walk in to find stuffed animals tucked into 'beds' all over my room, with bandaids and all sorts of random things they pretended was their medicines by each 'patient'.  Funniest thing ever.

Never a dull moment.

Love that Gusper.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coronado family pix

Family shots of our fun group before heading to the fireworks.
We missed you Brians & Oklands!









And the Pothiers.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Another fun FOURTH OF JULY at the Del.

Man we love this place.
Good thing  since I had to pawn a lung to pay for it. Practically.

But this is always our kids' number one vacation, hands down.  Ours too.  And a going-on-10-years tradition.  And I think it just gets funner every year.

Here's what Coronado 2012 looked like......

Sorry Hotel Del, for de-flowering all the bushes in the pool area.  Hope they've had a chance to recover before we're back again  next year!
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