Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Gus + Jasper = Gusper

They're together every possible minute of every day.
So it's easier to just call them 'Gusper'. 
 Like,  "Where did Gusper go?"  "Are Gusper over at your house now?"  and  "Did Gusper eat that whole box of Cheezits?"    See. Much quicker.

I think they share the same brain.

Here's Gusper doing what they do about twenty times each day.....running from one house to the other.

And always in their own little imaginative world.

And leaving a trail of imagination mess behind them.

Once, they set up a 'hospital' for all of our stuffed animals in my bedroom.  I walk in to find stuffed animals tucked into 'beds' all over my room, with bandaids and all sorts of random things they pretended was their medicines by each 'patient'.  Funniest thing ever.

Never a dull moment.

Love that Gusper.


Michelle said...

Pet Hospital in YOUR bedroom!
No wonder you're so busy :)


Lori said...

I LOVE those 2 boys! There quite the team in my primary class.

Lori said...
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