Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grandma's Christmas Capes

So I'm a little behind on my fact I still have a bunch of stuff from summer that I haven't even looked at!
Not enough hours in the day!
Wouldn't it be great to be like a vampire in Twilight & not require any sleep...........I could be uber-productive. It would be awesome. Maybe I would get through all the piles of projects & shiz that has filled up my craft room (also known as crap room). But only me. Not the husband or kids, or that would be totally counter-productive..........


So my mom, the fab seamstress, made all the younger grandkids capes with their last name initial on them, for Christmas.

They were darling!!

And a sword, of course.

You can't have a cape without a sword!

Thanks Mom. I think they were a hit!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


While it was freezing outside......
It was warm & cozy inside.

This Christmas we were especially thankful for friends who have awesome cabins who let us stay in them.

It was deluxe!

This was the very first Christmas in the snow for all of us!
We sledded & skiied without incident.
Which is always a good thing.

Each day we'd wake up to this view.

Intense Risk games.

Zane doing the Turtle.
Brian took the kids skiing while I stayed at the cabin reading a book by the fireplace and eating cookies.

I think it was the best day of my life.

Christmas dreams come true for Jake.

X-Box and Halo.

This was all Brian's fault. He totally caved.

Santa loves snowball cookies.

This is the face Zane always gives me when I tell him I want to take pictures of him.

Santa brought Max the Mindflex game.

I still can't figure out how that thing works!

Christmas dreams come true for Brian.......December ski days!

It was a......


Monday, December 21, 2009

And we're off...... Utah.

For our very first white Christmas.

And holy cow I've about killed myself getting ready for it!

But the Christmas cards are out, neighbor treats delivered, presents bought & wrapped & packed, ski gear packed, Tulle car roof rack bought so we can fit everything in, family Christmas parties over, office party over, preschool Christmas program over, Christmas orchestra concert over, Christmas band concert over (which we walked in to hear the last note of the last song) , and I'm so ready

to cozy up

in a cabin

in the snow

with my little family

and let a little Christmas Spirit Magic flow over me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Card Photoshoot

I already posted Brian's awesome pics previously, so here's the rest of our Christmas card photoshoot.
We can clean up real nice when we want to.

I barely got our card printed up & sent out before we left out of town for Christmas......and I'm sure I forgot a bunch of people......I was seriously stressing out!

And saving the best for last...........

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