Monday, December 21, 2009

And we're off...... Utah.

For our very first white Christmas.

And holy cow I've about killed myself getting ready for it!

But the Christmas cards are out, neighbor treats delivered, presents bought & wrapped & packed, ski gear packed, Tulle car roof rack bought so we can fit everything in, family Christmas parties over, office party over, preschool Christmas program over, Christmas orchestra concert over, Christmas band concert over (which we walked in to hear the last note of the last song) , and I'm so ready

to cozy up

in a cabin

in the snow

with my little family

and let a little Christmas Spirit Magic flow over me.

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Ummm, Nicole, sweetie, I know you have pregnancy brain goin' on, but, correct me if I'm wrong - wasn't Christmas like 4 weeks ago? Hope you have a fun trip though :) I've been waiting to hear all about your trip!

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