Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's such a great time of year here in AZ.
The weather's awesome. And the oranges are turning orange & ripening.
And this Thanksgiving most of my family came in town.
It was party weekend.

My little brother Shawn. Isn't he precious?

Jen & Cory.

Daisy's Thanksgiving dinner.

Ben & Amberly.

Germ swapping.

Shawn & Collette.

Holly & Jared.

....a little too much Martinelli's.

Lots of boys.

My mom & dad. Aawwwww.

It was so nice to be feeling normal. And so ready to pig out.
The kids had lots of cousin time......jacuzzi-ing, movies, craft projects, weenie-roast, 007 night games, eating loads of crap, throwing things off the balcony.....they had a blast.
And very little family drama.
Good times.
Great Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

shawni said...

Sure looks like a great day...how fun to have your family and feel well enough to host them after all those miserable weeks!

I'm thinking you're not needing a reflector. All those pics are gorgeous. Talk soon...

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