Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm not a whole lot of fun these days.

And I just don't have time for this right now.

I can't help but mourn my old life.
As I walked around our Elementary School going to my kids' Parent Teacher Conferences....... in sweats, no make-up & bra-less..........I'd see other moms with their hair curled & wearing cute shoes & probably coming from getting a bunch of errands done & going to lunch with friends...........and I got so depressed!

And mad at Brian.

This is all his fault.

Something new with this when I'm throwing up, I pee my pants at the same time! Fun.

10 weeks. Only 30 weeks to go!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jake's 12th Birthday

We thought we'd surprise Jake this year for his birthday with something fun, to help him get over the fact that he wasn't getting Halo.......or the XBox 360 that it requires........I think he really thought we were just trying to trick him & that on his birthday morning he'd wake up to find that one and only thing he wanted with a big shiny bow..........
I already have four boys. The last thing I need is more violence in my home, so I draw the line!
So, totally last-minute, we thought it would be fun to rent a limo to pick him & some friends up after school for a little surprise party........

So this is what Jake saw on his way home from school.

Later he told me when he came around the corner & saw this, he thought he was in trouble, like the CIA was after him or something. So funny.

It was a great surprise. Jake loved it.

So did Zane.
They drove around the neighborhood for a little bit, then went to Sonic for slushies.
Then headed to Brian's office where we had cake & icecream & sucked alot of helium.

I think I might have all my kids birthday parties at the office. My house doesn't get messed up and there's an endless supply of balloons & helium & cookie dough & Guitar Hero.

These poor, shy, awkward girls.............

....I was hoping they would feel comfortable enough, ya know, with all these boys........ come out of their shells a little & have some fun.......
And I think Jake actually forgot about Halo for a couple of hours.
Happy Birthday Jake!!!

I can't believe you're 12 already!

Monday, October 12, 2009

pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting

I had a few requests for this, so here ya go!

pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting

Cream together:

2 cups white sugar
1 1/2 cups butter
1/2 cup Crisco


16 0z. pumpkin
2 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs

Combine, then add to pumpkin mixture:

4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. allspice
1 tsp. nutmeg

Drop by spoonful on lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake about 12 minutes in 350-degree oven.
Cool, frost, and top with mini chocolate chips.


3 oz. cream cheese (at room temp.)
1/2 cup butter (at room temp.)
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups powdered sugar

Combine with electric mixer til smooth.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Throes

Aahhhh. The throes of morning sickness.

I would honestly much rather deal with any traumatic bodily injury than this.

This never goes away. Except when I'm dead asleep. So that's what I strive to be doing as much as possible.

I've tried EVERYTHING, from prescriptions to Sea-Bands to Dramamine to all forms of ginger and nothing works. Well, if it does work it's because it's knocked me out & then Gus is on the loose with no supervision, which has definitely happened & it's not a pretty sight when I come to.

Why the H - E - double-toothpicks did I think I needed to do this???
Like I really need more kids?
Like I really need to ruin my body a sixth time?

Each day seems to drag on forever in my misery.

And then I realized......this is one way to solve the time-flying-by-too-quickly problem. Be sick & pregnant.

Right now I'd much rather have time blissfully flying by in a whirl of activity.
Why do we always want what we can't have?!

I know I'm Wendy Whiner right now, but this is my journal & I need to get it out.

It's not like I haven't been through this before.
I've been sick with each pregnancy. I just seem to forget how bad it is until I'm in it again.

So a few weeks ago, after I found out, I set out to get as much holiday stuff done before it hit.

I tried to sqeeze in as much fall cooking (which I normally love) as I could before I can't stand to even set foot in the kitchen.

That includes these babies. I am Mother-of-the-Year when I make these. My kids heart them so.

I got the Halloween decor going......

I got most of the Halloween costumes all set.

Except mine.

My original plan was to be Disco Roller Derby Chick. On rollerskates. Don't think that's going to happen this year.

I even got a lot of Christmas figured out and ordered.

Good thing.

Since now I'm a useless slug in Pukeville.

Here's to October, probably my favorite month, flying on by.

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