Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jake's 12th Birthday

We thought we'd surprise Jake this year for his birthday with something fun, to help him get over the fact that he wasn't getting Halo.......or the XBox 360 that it requires........I think he really thought we were just trying to trick him & that on his birthday morning he'd wake up to find that one and only thing he wanted with a big shiny bow..........
I already have four boys. The last thing I need is more violence in my home, so I draw the line!
So, totally last-minute, we thought it would be fun to rent a limo to pick him & some friends up after school for a little surprise party........

So this is what Jake saw on his way home from school.

Later he told me when he came around the corner & saw this, he thought he was in trouble, like the CIA was after him or something. So funny.

It was a great surprise. Jake loved it.

So did Zane.
They drove around the neighborhood for a little bit, then went to Sonic for slushies.
Then headed to Brian's office where we had cake & icecream & sucked alot of helium.

I think I might have all my kids birthday parties at the office. My house doesn't get messed up and there's an endless supply of balloons & helium & cookie dough & Guitar Hero.

These poor, shy, awkward girls.............

....I was hoping they would feel comfortable enough, ya know, with all these boys........ come out of their shells a little & have some fun.......
And I think Jake actually forgot about Halo for a couple of hours.
Happy Birthday Jake!!!

I can't believe you're 12 already!


Kim Skinner said...

I want to be 12 again! Congrats on the pregnancy btw. Hope you're feeling o.k. (as o.k. as can be).

shawni said...

Oh that looks SO fun. I bet he was in heaven. I'm so sorry you're so sick. Darn. I guess not much reflector practicing over there? Well, me either. And I'm not pregnant and puking. i've got to get myself in gear.

Ben and Amberly said...

That is so cool!! He will remember that forever.
Happy Birthday Jake!!!

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