Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Throes

Aahhhh. The throes of morning sickness.

I would honestly much rather deal with any traumatic bodily injury than this.

This never goes away. Except when I'm dead asleep. So that's what I strive to be doing as much as possible.

I've tried EVERYTHING, from prescriptions to Sea-Bands to Dramamine to all forms of ginger and nothing works. Well, if it does work it's because it's knocked me out & then Gus is on the loose with no supervision, which has definitely happened & it's not a pretty sight when I come to.

Why the H - E - double-toothpicks did I think I needed to do this???
Like I really need more kids?
Like I really need to ruin my body a sixth time?

Each day seems to drag on forever in my misery.

And then I realized......this is one way to solve the time-flying-by-too-quickly problem. Be sick & pregnant.

Right now I'd much rather have time blissfully flying by in a whirl of activity.
Why do we always want what we can't have?!

I know I'm Wendy Whiner right now, but this is my journal & I need to get it out.

It's not like I haven't been through this before.
I've been sick with each pregnancy. I just seem to forget how bad it is until I'm in it again.

So a few weeks ago, after I found out, I set out to get as much holiday stuff done before it hit.

I tried to sqeeze in as much fall cooking (which I normally love) as I could before I can't stand to even set foot in the kitchen.

That includes these babies. I am Mother-of-the-Year when I make these. My kids heart them so.

I got the Halloween decor going......

I got most of the Halloween costumes all set.

Except mine.

My original plan was to be Disco Roller Derby Chick. On rollerskates. Don't think that's going to happen this year.

I even got a lot of Christmas figured out and ordered.

Good thing.

Since now I'm a useless slug in Pukeville.

Here's to October, probably my favorite month, flying on by.


lyndarene said...

Love your funny and sooo real!! can't show fabulous cookies without the recipe, so when your not pukey (never) :/ I have "five" and wanted to die those first four months..yeee. I truly know how you feel! One of my kiddos caught a glimpse of the cookies and want them! So only if your up to it:)

Thanks..and hang in there!

Stephanie said...

I feel for you. I'm heading out of the morning sickness but thought I would die before I made it to the second trimester. Aren't we too old for this? :-)

Amanda said...

Hugs and seven up. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you don't need my advice but I did hear there's a medicine the OB can give you to stop the puking.

Ruthann said...

Congrats on being pregnant--you seriously look the same as you did in high school and to be having #6 is truly amazing! Hope the sickness ends soon for you!

Dickey said...

Your cookies look amazing...would love to have you post the recipe. Hang in there with the yucks.

Tracey said...

Congrats on going for #6... We thought about it for a long while but never had that burning desire! I am jealous you get to do it again. Your awesome. Sorry your sick and hope you feel better soon.

amy said...

I need to find out where you live so I can bring your family dinner. I never was hungry but I always felt like I was failing my kids because mac and cheese only goes so far. I'm sooooooo sorry your hatin' it!! What can I do?

Joy said...

Let's make you a deal. I'll come get Gus so you can crash with a clear conscious and in exchange you let me come hold your baby as much as I want. I am so sorry you are so miserable but just remember the cutest tiny baby that you will have when it's all over. I'll call you to come get Gus so answer the phone!

sherry said...

look on the bright side. Technology is apparently wayyy more advanced! On Glee, they find out the sex of the baby at their 10 week ultrasound! If it was on T.V it must be true, right?;) I really do feel for you. Really sleep is the only answer. Call Joy, she'll take Gus. He's so stinkin' cute you will probably get a lot of offers...

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