Saturday, January 19, 2013

Captain America and the Hulk

These are two of my adorable nephews.
and Blake.
Also known as
Captain America and the Hulk.
We had a little photoshoot awhile back.
With a few of their favorite things.
And I thought this one would be perfect for a school picture.
Now who wouldn't want a karate-kickin' school picture?  Who???


theyoung8 said...

Can I hire you to take photos of my twin boys? I'm serious!!! Those are the cutest photos ever!

Karen (Nerak) said...

I just discovered your blog. I LOVE your photography style. It's so perfect yet so "in the moment". How do you get all those great "jumping" photos in your studio? Do you have a large trampoline in there? :-) No, seriously, I'd like to know. :-)

Thanks for sharing!


Anna Maria said...

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