Friday, March 22, 2013

Sadies 2013

I volunteered to take pictures of Marlee's Sadies group.  Down by some railroad tracks in downtown Mesa.  Apparently it's against the law to be on railroad tracks, as we found out.  So we had to make it quick.
Here's Mars & her date, the studly neighbor & friend, Trevor.  They're being naughty and breaking the law. Criminals.
Some of her friends and their dates.
Love these girls!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Looks like a fun group of kids.

kms said...

Love the photos you take.

I feel bad being a stranger to be a downer but it really isn't a good idea to be on tracks unless you are crossing at a designated area when it's permissible. I'm in the Chicago area. In elementary school we had railroad safety assemblies annually. We are covered in tracks and have frequent train activity. Still there are several railway accidents. Some intentional. Some just being kids or grown ups not thinking walking on the tracks on the way to school or work. I know it sounds odd but you can be on a track and not hear the whistle. The train can't stop. That was the point of the assemblies. The engineer has to live with it. Deseret News had an article about a year ago where a group of girls were killed taking pictures in utah on tracks. Two trains were passing at the same time. It is unclear if the noise from the first train made it hard to hear the second train. If they were a few feet next to the tracks they would not be dead.

Nicole said...

Hi kms. Thanks for your concern. I never heard about that Utah accident! How sad!! But rest assured, we have very INfrequent train activity here. And I think you can see in the background in some of these pictures the parked trains on these same tracks. No train activity going on.

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