Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zane's Favorites at Five

Zane is not just 5, he is "five and three quarters" as he will tell you.
He also has definite favorites and un-favorites in his little 5-year-old world.

#1 - Playing the Wii (mostly Star Wars and Mario games, the ones that don't require any bodily movement).

#2 - Best-buddy Davis. They play some serious Wii together.

#3 - Bologna sandwiches. He asks for one as soon as he gets up in the morning. He could eat them breakfast, lunch & dinner (& sad to say that has happened before).

#4 - Lego Star Wars guys. What could be better?!! OK, maybe maraschino cherries right out of the jar. That's a favorite too.

#5 - Doing "the pops". That's when I get to go out to the trampoline & jump with him (& make him go flying!) He's known to beg me TWO THOUSAND times in a single day to do "the pops"!! I don't think I'm exaggerating!


#1 (by a long-shot!) - Any type of work/jobs. He's REALLY skilled at disappearing into thin air when it's job time.

#2 - Going to church. I think he'd rather eat a salad. He LOATHES Sundays, but I think it's mostly because there's no video-game playing allowed in our house on Sundays. Every morning he asks me what day it is. If it's not Sunday, he breathes this big sigh of relief. We really need to work on our 'Finding Joy in the Sabbath' Family Home Evening lessons!

#3 - Going to school....not big on that either.

#4 - Learning to ride a bike. He pretty much refuses. It's embarrassing that he's almost 6 & can't ride a bike! I was asking him about it yesterday & he says, "Mom, why would I want to ride a bike? Cars are so much faster!"

#5 - Peas!!!

Zane is DEFINITELY my favorite 5-year-old!

He's my FAVORITE guy to hang out with! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my little Zaners!!!

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