Thursday, February 26, 2009

School Carnival

I tried to convince Zane that it wasn't a Halloween carnival, just a regular carnival, but he insisted on wearing the Zorro hat & black leather gloves (not shown).
"Mom, I need to look cool", with a roll of the eyes.

The hair spray paint booth was a huge hit.
Max's scalp is still blue.

The Pie-eating Contest.
I think Jake wins this every year.
We are so very proud.

This carnival is actually alot of work for Brian & I.
A couple years ago, we volunteered to help out with the silent auction part of it & somehow ended up being in charge of it!
Soooo... we get to harrass our friends & neighbors & local businesses to donate stuff for it and collect it & set it all up & everything.
Soooo... for the most part we're in the gym doing auction stuff & the kids are pretty much on their own. Gus got lost several times. I was lucky to get any pictures at all before it got too dark. Trying to make sure they all eat their nutritious Carnival dinner of pizza, pop & cookie, before they hit the cotton candy stand. Kids...some that weren't even mine....begging constantly for more tickets.........
What I'm getting at is that we were a little busy that night to notice that our precious Jake had bid on a kitten last minute & won it!

Someone had generously donated four 3-month-old kittens they couldn't get rid of.
Dude! We practically have a farm already!
Someone at the auction told me, "you just have 'sucker' written on your forehead".


Michelle said...

Forget the petting zoo!! I'm taking my kids to the Mason's!!

Ben and Amberly said...

Way fun! Minus the cat. I dont know what I would do if my home with a cat? I can do most pets, just not a cat.

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