Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Skiing

We went skiing last weekend in Utah with some friends (love you guys!) and had a fabulous time.
I love the snow. I love snow ski-wear. I love beanies with ski goggles. I love ski lodges. I love taking my boots off at lunch in the lodge. I love Deer Valley turkey chili. I love hot cocoa breaks in the lodge........but I can't say I really love the skiing itself.
It kind of stresses me out.

You see, I was a freshman in college when I went skiing for the first time.

Here I am.....with the white headband & a perm......

See how I'm smiling?
It's because these were taken before I tried to ski.
The first time skiing is a miserable experience.
And it doesn't help at all that you usually don't have appropriate ski-wear. Look at me.......I'm wearing pink knit stretch pants!! My legs were popsicles before I even successfully made it on a lift!
And must get off the lift.......terrifying! the only word to describe it.
I recall being amazed at the speed I could attain in such a short amount of time........until the impending crash & yard sale.
All in front of my girl & guy friends whom I adored, whom had all skied on family vacations and such growing up.

I hated it!!!

I swore to myself right then & I lay in the snow.......after a sweet faceplant.......that when I had kids of my own, they would learn how to ski as they would never have to endure such a mortifying experience like this!

I made it through the day, and luckily without having to be taken down the mountain on the first-aid toboggan (like Michelle did a majority of the times she went skiing).

I kept with it, though, and married a skiier, and now I can make my way down a black diamond if I had to, but would much rather be in the lodge with my boots off........

......and gosh darn it, all my kids can ski !!..........except Gus because he's 3, but we're putting him on skis Spring Break....... and Marlee can ski circles around me!

I had to include this picture. This was the same ski day. At lunch the guys put suits on & skied in them the rest of the afternoon.
Cool, huh?
We thought so.


HELLO my name is Jill said...

terrifying is the exact word i use to describe the lift. i am ok at it now, but i can't deny it still makes me a tad nervous. especially the first run of the day.

Leigh said...

What a good looking group. Glad you guys had a great time. I'm sorry we missed it this year.

Joy said...

Look at that, Rebecca is ALMOST hugging you in that picture. That one's a keeper.

Rebecca said...

Sadly, I'm not even IN any of those pictures. I was too busy skiing! As if I'd hug Nicole...sheesh.

Rebecca said...

Distracted by Joy's comment and forgot to comment on the PINK STRETCH PANTS! Hilarious!! Seriously, you SKIIED IN PINK STRETCH PANTS!! I'm seriously LOL thinking about it. I'm pretty sure I tried to talk you out of that --or at least I should have -- but your fashion sense trumped your common sense. Love it. BTW, pic of the guys taken on a diff day. They didn't invite us. I think they were afraid we'd wear our bikinis and take away all the attention! Jerks. :)

Nicole said...

Bek, that was totally the same day. I took the picture! And the date stamped on the back says so.
Then they did jumps in their suits & we took pictures of them, Remember? I have all those too.
BTW, the pink stretch pants were not a fashion call, it was cuz I had no ski pants!!

Banks Family said...

Brian loves the pictures! I thought they looked pretty cool too (in their suits). You and I feel the same way about skiing...I guess someday I will have to get better just so my boys will invite me. I bet your pink pants were wet so fast!! Hey it was the style.

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

I love that we feel the same way. I seriously would rather sit alone than have to be out in the cold.
I thought I would love snowboarding when I was 16 so, of course I talked my parents into buying me ALL the gear(including a board) before I had even tried it. Well, I fell of the chair lift and got stuck under it. They had to shut the whole lift off to help me out. It has emotionally scarred me to this day:)
Cheers to a warm lodge and people watching..

shawni said...

I love this Nicole...I'm kind of thinking the suits and ties were a little nerdy, but I can say that since my hubby is one of them. Oh man so YOU'RE the reason we have at least a few pictures of Dave in college...I think these are some of the only ones I've seen. Keep 'em coming!

We're going up for skiing for Spring Break would be so fun to run into you guys there. I'm still at the stage you were when you took these pictures (except I don't have any hot pink stretch pants, darn it!)...I'm not a skiier, but I'll totally take the beauty aesthetics of it all.

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