Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a beautiful day for the park!

So my Gus & I headed to our neighborhood playground.
Let's see........have we got everything?
fake gold medal.......check.
blue HotWheels car........check.
one Ritz cracker........check.

Gus's favorite thing to do at the park.............climb up the slide.

I love hanging out with this little guy.
He's happy about 99% of the time.
And he's growing up way too fast for me.
So I'm telling him all the time that he needs to stop growing up!
"Just stop it!" I tell him. "You're growing up too fast for Mommy. She can't handle it!"
And he'll smile & get a little mischievious sparkle in his eye.
And tell me,
"Mom, I am growing up so big!"
So then I say,
"But you'll always be my baby boy."
And then I pick him up in my arms & rock him back & forth like a little baby.
He thinks that's so funny!


Tracey said...

i love your blog.

Josh and Ashley said...

Hello my name is Ashley! I just thought I would say Hi. I totally blog stalk your blog a lot! I somehow ran into in last year. (i live in utah). Anyway, I wondered how you make your cute headers and what kind of camera you have. You take the BEST pictures! If you don't mind sharing you can email me at


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