Friday, January 8, 2010

Jesus Wants Gus for a Sunbeam

My baby boy is now a Sunbeam.
No more playtime & snacktime & toys & bubbles.
It really bites getting older.

He did pretty well, considering that he had been rudely woken up from a sacrament meeting nap on Dad's lap right before......

Gus is really good about leaving us for nursery & preschool......which is so nice.
He hardly looks back at us.

He's my little Mr. Sunshine.

He insisted I also take a picture with his truck.


shawni said...

You got the D700 didn't you. I can tell. I SO want one. Should I ask for it for my birthday?

He is a CUTE sunbeam.

amy said...

When do you two (Shawni being the other of the two) want to get together again? Congrats on a girl. What a great set up you'll have.

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