Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Massive Recap Post part 2

One fall day in January, I took a few pictures in the leaves out front.

Jake, probably off to piano lessons, which is a complete waste of my money at this point.

Caroline listening to some tunes during breakfast.

Peanut modeling her fave purple boots.

What our front door looks like most of the time. Bikes. Angry Birds. Juice boxes.

Jake did Stapley Cross Country & did awesome.

Zaners had a great basketball season.

And Mars did Track again, but tried high jump instead of sprinting.

Brian took the two littles to the zoo on one of his days off so I could get some work done.  Love him.

Gus had a great time at his birthday party.

Then we were decorating the house for Valentine's Day.

And then it was Leap Day.

More scout activities.

More yard work.

And more volleyball.

Molten club.
Mars & Michelle ripped it up.

We had our scout Blue & Gold Banquet.

I took some staff group pictures and this was my favorite.

Max did a report on Steven Spielberg.

I got my garden planted.

We hung out with cousins.

And I still haven't taken the baba away from Caroline.

Aaahhhh.  Then it was one of my favorite times of the year.  Orange blossom time.

Which also means baseball time.

Max was the only one who played this year, and he got on a great little team.

For Spring Break this year, we decided to do something a little different. Take the road less traveled.  And went to Monument Valley National Park....

...and hit Four Corners....

....on our way to Telluride, Colorado for a couple days of skiing.

Then it was Max's 12th birthday. Hunger Games opening night party.  Totally awesome.

And then we were hiding Easter eggs....

....and eating Easter candy...

...with cute Easter dresses on.

Max seemed to have a ton of big school projects this year.
This was the World's Fair, and he did his report on Switzerland.

And notice that he's not wearing glasses.  He graduated to contacts.

Marlee was inducted into the National Honor Society.

It was Nerd Day at school.
(P.S. - The crotch-grabbing was a natural random act.  Not meant to be part of the nerd get-up.)

We had a Triathlon Pack Meeting that was really cute.

One weekend in May we took the older kids to see Brian Regan in St. George & went hiking in Zion's.

I took pictures of our ward's graduating seniors.

And Jake, who has been obsessed with dancing this past year, and has been taking a hiphop class, had a recital.

At the end, all the dancers come out on stage.  All these little girls, and then the big boys trying to look cool in the back.  So funny.
But they did awesome.

And then my baby turned two.

(sniff sniff)  How did that happen so fast?


Jaime said...

A second post. WOW! Even more great stuff!!

Unknown said...

love that you are back to posting :)

Nichole said...

Love the recap and love how you take pictures!

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