Tuesday, December 11, 2012

senior pictures jumpstart

For October Break this year, we took the 4 oldest to Seattle, where I tried to work in a little photoshoot with my favorite senior and take advantage of some real fall scenery.

How this girl is about to turn 18 and leave my nest I'll never know.
Doesn't it go by in a blink?


Lanny's Favorites said...

It goes by SO fast.... hold her tight. Make every moment count. I wish I would have been reminded of that a couple of years ago.

Amy said...

SO . . . I am a new big fan! I discovered your blog via pinterest. I love, love, LOVE your photography! I also lived in Hawaii for 7 years so you can imagine that it was quite a treat for me to see all of your Hawaii pictures. I am wondering if you can do me a favor . . . can you email me and tell me what kind of camera and what kind of lens you used to take your pictures there? My email is amykaidavis12@yahoo.com. I would so appreciate it!

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