Thursday, February 7, 2013

pink-eyed peanut

We've got pink-eye.
And I don't hate it.
It's a sure ticket home, without the misery or vomiting. I mean, who's going to send a kid like this to Nursery on Sunday? And guess who gets to stay home with her? See what I mean? I'm always up for a little break in the routine & a good excuse to not have to attend something I don't want to. You can't argue with it. It works for me.  I don't even mind when the other kids get it & have to stay home from school. It's fun.
And sometimes it's just fun to wake up with your eye glued shut every once in awhile.

I think I need a vacation.


Tara said...

She's adorable... even with pink eye! And I know what you mean by a break in routine... I'll take it any day!

Michelle said...

Girls trip. When?

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