Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prom 2013

Marlee's last high school dance.

She walks out in her dress, and Caroline's eyes go wide with awe & wonder, and she touches the dress & says, "Monny! You're a PRINCESS!!"
I think Mars might miss this little sister when she leaves in a couple short months.
So Marlee's Prom date was her favorite friend, Weston, who recently received his mission call to Peru.
They had big group pictures taken, but of course I had to take some of my own.

They were just so adorable!
And I'm pretty sure they had a great time.
And now we're on the countdown til the end of the schoolyear, and the end of these guys' high school career. I think we're going to make a paper chain.
Big things ahead for these two. That I'm sure of.


ellen said...

Where is she going?!?

Ammie said...

Our prom is this weekend! Graduation is on the 29th...where does the time go and why does it feel like it's speeding up? And your little one is right cause her beautiful, big sis does look like a princess. :)

Nega do Leite said...

Sempre bom passar por aqui.
Ela está linda. :O)

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