Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is what our day at Disneyland looked like..........

Wet and cold.

It rained the entire day.

OK....... I'm exaggerating, it stopped for about 10 minutes while Gus & I waited outside for everyone else to do the Indiana Jones ride.

But the kids were little troopers in their wet sweatshirts and squishy tennisshoes.

Max even said, "This is the best Disneyland trip I've ever had!"

And we hung out with the Bakers all weekend, which is always super fun!

And there is nothing better as a Mom to watch your little ones' faces on their first rides at Disneyland......... nothing!

I only took my camera out a couple times, which was rather nice.

The boys were so funny doing different tricks & poses for me to take pictures of each time they came around on the Carousel.

And what's a trip to Disneyland without buying a bunch of junk!
That was always my favorite part!

So the Magic Kingdom was a little wet for us, but it was still magical.

The lines were short or non-existent & we hit every ride we wanted to.......some of them several times. Who can complain about that?!!

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Rebecca said...

Is Jill wearing galloshes?! Is that even how you spell it? I hate it when you guys have fun without me! Your pictures even make the rain look fun! Maybe we can do a big disneyland trip next in?

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