Friday, December 10, 2010


Caroline eats baby food now.

This is not my favorite part of having a baby.  I have to admit.
Constant highchair mess & mixing up baby cereals & cracker-encrusted bibs.  Fun!

She's getting pro at it now, though.
At least a third of each spoonful stays in her mouth.  That's major progress!

Then she always steals the spoon from me........

And this is her fake smile.......

She does this alot.  We think it's so funny.

She also gets startled really easily & does this dramatic startled reaction to the slightest things.  We think that's pretty funny, too.

In fact, we think alot of the things she does are funny.
Like how she "dances" to music by shaking her head back & forth to the beat.
And how she's discovered her voice & will let out random screeches and yells.
And how lately she's learned how to stick out her tongue & jump up & down in her exersaucer.

Man, I love this age!

Except for the baby food part.

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