Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis The Season...... take on more than I can sanely handle.

I'm buried in editing from all the pictures I've taken lately.  Why do I always do this?  I've come to the conclusion that family pictures are the most challenging of all photoshoots.   It's so hard!   I definitely need more practice.

Here are some highlights/out-takes.........

Shawn (my brother) and Collette and family.  Keeping the passion alive.
I'd steal those eyelashes if I could, Kellen!

And the one picture of Blake out of about 300 where he's smiling!  Yay!

My baby sis, Jen, Cory, and fam.
And yes, that baby is about Caroline's age, and Jen is due with another one in March.  Another boy.  We like to call him a bonus baby.  Go Jen!

Is that the best face ever, or what?

We miss you already, Justin!

And then there's our fabulous neighbors....
They were so much fun.

I loved this idea.
I love the story it tells of what's going on in their family at this stage.
Don't you love the Mom/ref?   And the texting teenagers?

And then Brian's brother, Brent, Anna and family.
Man!  I was sweating after this one!
Jane & Libby.  Two of my favorite neices.  How cute are they?!

Thanks for letting me take pictures of your beautiful families guys!


Michelle said...

Phew! I'm sweating just LOOKING at all this work!
They all look FABULOUS!!!!! You have amazing talent. :)


Robyn said...

Good thing I don't live close or I'd be harrassing you to take our photos as well.

You do a great job. Great.

Jaime said...

You are TALENTED! LOVE the family on the bleachers. And your sis??! Too cute!!

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