Thursday, June 23, 2011

beach escape

I had vowed to make it to Rebecca's beach house this year, as hard as it is to drop everything & leave for a few days in May.  But if she can do it for a month, then surely I can do it for a few days.  And I'm so glad I did!

The real world just melts away when you can feel those ocean breezes.

I got to hang out with two of my most favorite people.

Just me & my four youngest drove over.

And played all day.

I plopped Caroline down on the sand.  Then I realized this was a new experience for her.  She tried pulling her feet up off the sand, not sure what this stuff was that she was sitting on.  So funny!

She quickly made friends with the sand.  But wasn't so sure about all that loud water.

She didn't try to crawl around on the sand & sat in the same place the whole time.  So unlike her brothers at this age.  They would have been wandering around with sand glued to their faces.  She's so cautious.  Such a little 'fraidy cat.  And I love it.

We chilled.

We did puzzles.

And took walks down to the train tracks.

Gus got to hang out with his favorite girl friend, Addy.

Aren't they the cutest?

Addy let me take pictures of her.

So did Jarom, one of the cousins in the beach house next door.

And Caroline warmed up to this beach business.

We had such a great time.  Can we come next year, Bek?


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! OF COURSE, YES!! Next time I'll make sure the sun cooperates a little better. Will you tell Caroline not to get any older? I just want her to stay this cute chubby little dollie that is barely taking her first steps. Please? BTW, that is Trigg and not Jarem. You were close though... :)

Renata said...

Wow, I had same picture on this very same spot :) I´ve spent in Carlsbad half a year as an aupair. I love it there and hope I can come back one day!

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