Friday, June 17, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Hating the party hat.

There.  That's better.  Now let me at this thing!

You guys really aren't going to stop me?

Is this a trick somehow?

Why is everyone looking at me?

Oh!  It's my birthday!!

I thought I made it clear that I don't like this hat!


I think I'll eat this thing too.

Oh boy!  Is this the best day ever, or what?

Who needs a fork?

I can't believe they're letting me do this.  This is amazing.  But I could use a little icecream.

OK, I'm done.   Where's my bottle?


Garbage Guru's Wife said...


Michelle said...

She is to DIE for :)
love it.

Shade Chaser said...

Great photography and comments on such a fun day!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous photos of your daughter! I have a question for you when you have time:

Heather said...

Love her, Nicole! You are making me want another so bad. Cory says we are done... So, I will live vicariously through you. :O)
Honestly, you are such a talent with the camera. Can you give me a lesson or 2 the next time i am in town?

Carin said...

Oh man, that's just too cute! Love it!

Luke and Hailie Girl said...

so sweet..

pakosta said...

best pictures EVER!

katie said...

absolutely love it.

i am getting into photography myself and i was just wondering what kind of backdrop you use? i am in love with your "studio" pictures!

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