Friday, May 4, 2012

When you have a tree-full of lemons.... just have to make lemonade.

And when you want to make some money without having to do extra jobs.... have a lemonade stand!

I love how they brought a garbage can out.

And business was pretty good!

I read somewhere lately a list of things every kid should do at least once during their childhood, and 'have a lemonade stand' was one of them.  So Max and Zane can check that one off their list.

Now Gus, he has some sort of stand going in our front yard at least twice a week.
And it's not just lemonade.
He & Jasper will scrounge up all sorts of things to sell.
They tried to sell me my own necklaces the other day.

And there's always lots of great signage.

These guys kill me.

Stop by sometime.  You just might score a really good deal on something I may not know is missing until it's long gone!  :)


Anonymous said...

I think it's life little instruction book or something like that that says you should never pass up a child's lemonade stand and I never do. These stands help foster entrepreneurship, social skills and the pride that comes with attaining a goal. I just LOVE seeing these boys working for some extra money.

Jill Ison said...

my kids had a lemonade stand the other day! kids are fun, yay for moms that lets their kids do things even when its means using up a whole canister of sugar.

ellen said...


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