Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mauna Kea

also known as
The  Best. Beach. Ever.
We spent a few delightful days there.
molesting sea turtles
*DISCLAIMER - No sea turtles were actually molested by us on this trip.  We know that you are not allowed to touch them & thought we had made that clear to our children, and then Max couldn't help himself apparently & touched one's fin right when I took this picture.
ordering lava flows on the beach


Tara said...

Amazing pictures as always. I can never get a good shot in the sun. Part of the problem is that I have trouble seeing the settings myself with all that sun glaring at me. I look in the lens and all I see is brightness. Sometiems I cheat and put it on auto and let the camera do the work.

I'm loving looking at your Hawaii pictures. Looks like you family had a very special trip!

Nell J said...

Just a friendly word of advice next time don't go near any turtles unless necessary. It's illegal here to even be within 50 yards of one and you could be arrested!

Other than that beautiful pictures & so happy you had such a great time

kristen said...

Your pictures on this blog are amazing! What kind of camera and lens do you use with your incredible skills?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog & photos!

However, Nell is correct. Sea turtles are endangered!! Please be more respectful of this in the future.

Nicole said...

OK, let me defend myself. We are very aware that sea turtles are not to be messed with & had made that perfectly clear to our kids, but Max apparently couldn't help himself this one time right when I took this picture. The word "molesting" sounds very disrespectful & I should probably change it & the picture.... but I PROMISE we kept our distance (except this one actof disobedience for which he was scolded soundly). There were so many in this area! I LOVE the sea turtles, and wouldn't ever think of harming them!

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