Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Island

When you first land on the Big Island, you would swear you just landed on the moon. Miles and miles of lava rock. It's not all like that, of course. But there is alot of lava rock.
Big Island graffiti.
Made with pieces of white coral.
Anyway, we rented a house on Kealakekua Bay.
But first we rented a car.  And we totally scored a Suburban. I felt right at home.
Good thing the rental car company couldn't see what we put this poor car through!
The road on the way to the rental.
Kealakekua Bay.
Brian & I have been here before, & we had the most magical time kayaking & snorkeling here.  It's truly amazing.  So we wanted to stay in this area.
I would not do it again.
I wish we had stayed near one of the fabulous beaches north of here.
And for some reason, this area does not get ocean breezes, which you count on to keep cool, since most Hawaiian homes do not have air conditioning.  We ended up buying a small air conditioning unit at Costco!
Other than that, plenty of room & awesome snorkeling nearby.
Then the Bakers arrived.....
.....and the Big Island adventures began.


Anonymous said...

Nice place.....

Petersens said...

Hi, I found your blog through pintrest for your "not so silent night" post for christmas games & I love your blog. Your family looks like a lot of fun. I really love your photography style. What kind of camera/lens do you use? I noticed you live in Arizona. I live in Mesa :)

Christina Waters said...

what kind of camera do you use

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