Monday, September 3, 2012


The rest of it.
First of all, let me brag about our room on Waikiki.
This was our view.....
 Not too shabby.

So, after hitting Pearl Harbor & the Dole Pineapple Plantation, we hit some beaches, surfed a little & hiked a little before catching a flight to the Big Island.

Surfing Waikiki at sunset.


I can't remember the name of this place, but it was a great exploring & snorkeling spot.


Caroline was not quite sure about all of this at first......

......but then decided she liked it.

One of the mornings, Brian & the older kids hiked Diamondhead.  I gladly stayed behind with Gus & Caroline in the sweet hotel room, and Mars took up photographer duty.



Tara said...

Oh the one of your little girl sitting on that rock in the sun... delightful! What a beautiful family you have. I love peeking in and enjoy your pictures, stories, and humor.

I am especially enjoying your Hawaii pictures. When I was in elementary school my Dad (a teacher) traded places for a school year with a teacher in Hawaii. So we were able to live there for a year! What an experience. Can you beleive that a teacher in Hawaii would want to come live in cold Connecticut for a year? Crazy!!! So anyway, I love seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing, tara

Jerri Chan said...

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