Thursday, January 29, 2009

No offense but........

This is how my boys think they can insult someone & get away with it, like saying "no offense" really makes it less offensive......but we all know that when you hear "no offense but....", prepare for a major dissing.

Like Evan always says, "You can't polish a terd".

So it goes like this:

No offense're not very good at basketball.

No offense're kinda fat.

No offense're stupid.

You get the idea.

It was really great when we were at some friends' house & Zane goes,
"No offense, but your house kind of smells." Fabulous.

How about this:
No offense to any horse-lovers out there, but if I have to see that Cavalia weird horse show commercial one more time, I'm going to kill myself.

A couple random pics:

The latest to go up in the office....

Max's Lincoln Log masterpiece....


sherry said...

I always tell my kids that if they are saying no offense, it means they are about to offend somebody. SO it is not allowed. I love your examples. Seriously, how is, "no offense but, your house is pretty messy" (yes, one of them said this)supposed to be taken without offending. "Oh, none taken. I like to keep my house pretty messy;)"

Michelle said...

I love the one that goes, "no offense, mom, but you need to take a shower". I told the child that said that - that they get to take care of Jayson and all his puke for a day!!! We'll see who smells now!!

Holly said...

You should hear Brett sing the song to the horse show commercial... now that would TOTALLY deserve a "No offense, but your singing sucks" statement. I was telling Brett about your blog post and we were laughing and laughing about it and then Bryson walks in and says "Dad, you need to take a shower!" Maybe we should teach him to say "No offense, but..." first.

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