Sunday, March 8, 2009

It takes a neighborhood

My Gus is a free spirit.
He feels the need to be freely exploring the neighborhood and beyond as much as possible.
It's a big world out there & the confines of our home & yard is just not enough for him.
I mean....... there's wild & untamed dirt lots out there........other people's bikes & toys.........a real live tractor in the dirt!!!!! Can you blame him???

But, I must say, it's a little embarrassing when your neighbors are routinely ringing your doorbell with your 3-year-old in hand who had wandered away again!

I'm so sorry, neighbors! I've tried everything short of gluing a GPS tracker on the top of his head!.....hmmmm...I'll have to look into that one......he's very resourceful & works on something (like a deadbolt) until he figures it out!
Yet he can't figure out how to actually go potty on the toilet......but that's another blog entry.......


shawni said...

Oh man he is so dang cute, Nicole. You can just almost see the personality oozing out of him.

And I wish I lived close enough to come grab some lemons...I mean seriously, why is Gilbert like light-years away from Mesa in my mind?? Some day I'm gonna come talk cameras....and lights...and all that stuff...just because I like it.

Love the pictures up at the office...Dave and I were there the other day.

Oh and one more last note...I wish I had your phone number in my cell phone because I kept wanting to call you since Dave and I were in Kauai last week. I don't know if it was your guide book or the Garns we had in front of our noses the whole time. Even tho0ugh it was cloudy adn rainy the whole time it still made me fall in love with it and want to go live there next summer like you guys did. What an amazing adventure.

jlarnett said...

Love your Gus! He is so pleasant to rescue...His first comment after looking up at me is "I just want to go for a walk!" He is so dang cute!
No need for the treats. (Although fresh squeezed OJ is the best) This is why we are in the neighborhood we are in...To help eachother out!

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