Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slacker Week

I declared this week Slacker Week.

And it



Nothing scheduled. Nada.

I read 2 books,

went to 4 movies (loved Star Trek, BTW),

hung out by the pool almost every day,

all manner of video games were played for hours upon hours,

numerous forts were made & destroyed,

bumloads of popsicles were consumed,


countless messes/disasters were made by this kid.........

....... like this one. He called it his Halloween hands.

Then I find this......

.......continuing down the next hallway with a few pieces of furniture in between.
I just left it most of the day so I could watch Brian freak out when he came home.

So I've been ignoring the literally a thousand photos from our trip that are waiting to be sorted through & edited & blogged, among hundreds of others.............swimming with my little waterdog Gus just sounds alot funner!


Nichole said...

I need to do a slacker week that sounds like fun! I love the hand prints that is a priceless picture!

Leigh said...

What will Gus think of next?! That's awesome (for you). LOVE the "slacker week!" I think I got a total of 3 showers in this week. :)

HELLO my name is Jill said...

those are some cute little hand prints. were those photos on your wall on canvas or something? (first photo) where did you get those done. I need to get some done soon. I rarely ever print my photos and I think its kinda silly of me.

shawni said...

I can't believe those handprints. I think you should TOTALLY leave them. And I totally think we need a slacker week too.

I want to see more of your European adventure pics. I talked to Brian about how great it was at the office a while ago. So glad you had a great time.

We'll be at Bear Lake on the 4th. You guys are going to Coronado, right? Some year we need to join you guys.

Love, Shawni

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