Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Golden Anniversary

Well, first off, I can't just let my blog go.  I would hate myself.  I wish I could.  But I can't.
Brian accused me of writing that last post purposely as a sad cry for some blog attention.  I'm so sure!  It is absolutely how I feel!  And so what if feeling a little love from complete strangers in blogdom is the best part of my week!
So I will continue to blog.  And stress.  Because my house is always a mess.
Hey!  That rhymed!

So anyway,  this year marks the 50th Anniversary of  Garn & Mason Orthodontics. 

The practice was started in 1961 by Brian's dad and Greg's dad.  Before there were like, a billion orthodontists in Mesa.

So all year they're having contests & drawings with big prizes to celebrate.  And I mean big prizes like 50% off your orthodontic treatment(1961 prices) and a trip for 4 to Hawaii!  It's a pretty big deal.  Check out the website at azbraces.com.   
So Brian wanted me to take some shots of some kids in gold braces for the Golden Anniversary marketing materials they were putting together.  The most readily available models were Marlee & Jake.  So Brian slapped on some gold-plated braces he had ordered, we took some pictures, then he took them off.  

I had no idea they even made gold braces.  I think I like them.  Maybe it'll be a new trend.

Here are some other pictures of Jake that didn't make it on anything.  Such a shame.

And my favorite one......


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness.. that last picture looks like a picture you took of Brian not too long ago! I had to take a double look! HAHAH!!

***lunch soon??? --- OR Rick AND Greg are on campouts this weekend (Bek and I just put the two and two together)... and I think we are going to *try* to go out on Friday night! Any chance Brian will be gone, too?? GNO, Baby

Leigh said...

I knew it was all a publicity stunt. Crazy lady! Wow, the gold braces! I have to say, pretty tempting! Congrats Greg and Brian!

Jaime said...

Oh my... those pictures are hysterical!!

Congrats on the BIG anniversary!!

So glad you decided not to leave us... I adore your blog!

The Scotts said...

Love the pictures of your kids! And the office looks amazing!!! When did they redo everything? Congrats on the anniversary!

Jill said...

Found your way fun blog! I am so impressed with you photo skills! You are so talented. Also that baby is to die for. Hope you don't mind another follower. Congrats on 50 years. I can say we have been apart of this orthodontics for quite awhile. Dr. Garn put braces on myself and my 3 siblings. Plus your honey is about to finish my 2nd child in April. We are happy with his work! We recommend him to everyone.

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