Friday, February 11, 2011

So our January went like this....

Our oranges are ripe and there's tons of them.
If anyone wants some, please come by!
This is a mandarin tangerine.
We also have lemons, tangelos, and key limes that I have no idea what to do with.  Because I don't make key lime pies.

We bought a new red truck.
The boys think it's the coolest thing ever.

Marlee's Sadie's date answered her with a 'yes'.
She can't wait.

We had a cold snap.  It got down in the 20's at night for a couple days!  That's big news here.  We actually had to turn our heaters on.  One of our heaters had never been used in the eight years since we built our house and smoked enough to set off our smoke alarms.
And we found ice in our front yard!  Very exciting.

Caroline turned 8 months.
She's doing the army crawl and likes to get into trash cans and eat paper.
She tries to eat just about everything.

Random picture of Jake and Daisy.  Jake's her favorite.

Max dropped a dirty sock down from upstairs and it landed on this playmobil guy just like this.  He showed me and we laughed and he thought I should take a picture of it.  So of course I did.

When we're sick of eating oranges, we make weird and random things out of them.
I'm not kidding when I say, Come and get some oranges.

I love Zane's notes.
This one he put on Brian's office door.
I thought it was deliteful.

Gus is in a major stuffed-animal phase.
His current favorite is this white seal that he named 'Chuck'.  All of his previous faves have been named 'Lou' for some reason.  All of them.  So we were glad that he's branching out.
Chuck goes everywhere with him and does all sorts of things that normal seals don't do, like shoot guns and drive cars.

Chuck also gets to play dress-up and has to have his own peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

Max started cello last year and I'm just now blogging about it.
He really loves it and is in our school's Honors Orchestra.

Random picture of Max's shelf above his bed.
His mission savings bank.

A typical Max after-school project.

Gus taking a Sunday afternoon drive.

Then, for our  20th Wedding Anniversary,  Brian & I took a little trip here....... Vancouver, Canada.  Then drove up to.......
.......Whistler.  It was beautiful and relaxing and amazing. 

And much more on that later.
After I'm done with Gus' birthday party.


Mya said...

Wow I love oranges.Can I come get them..:)..I love your blog..You take awesome photos!!I just want to learn photography but dunno if i can afford an SLR.One more added in my to-do list!!Learning Photography!!
I just started a blog of my own and would love your feedback.Pls visit

Steph said...

Ok, Nicole, since I always just look and read your blog and since you wondered about continuing, I've decided I'm going to comment more. :)

This post has so much goodness in it!! I love it! Caroline's airplane pose is AMAZING! She just gets cuter and cuter! I can't wait until my Lily can get moving some.

I've loved when you've posted Zane's notes too and of course as a teacher I noticed "delited" and LOVED it! I also love how boys always write "From..." instead of "Love..." on things like that.

That pic of Jake and Daisy is adorable. He's such a good looking young man...can you believe he's a YOUNG MAN?!

The Sunday Drive pic is CLASSIC. Love it so much!
I find random Lego guys in my house too...the latest was a skeleton on top of a treasure chest among the dishes in the dish drainer. I took a pic too.

Can't wait to hear more about your anniversary trip!

I literally laughed out loud at Chuck's hairbow and peanut butter and jelly! So awesome!!

Yay for cello playing and congrats on honor orchestra!

Max's mission savings bank is HYSTERICAL!! I love the "ting" on the tooth!

Ok, that's all I got from memory without looking back!


Jaime said...

What a fantastic recap post!! ;) Loved everything... especially the picture of Caroline - was she trying to fly? Or saying "Look ma, no hands!!" Yummy.

Wahoo for Marlee. Must. Post. Pictures.

All your kids are adorable!

Jungle said...

I like the quality and clarity of your pictures. What software do u use?

shawni said...

Wow Nicole, you guys have been busy. LOVE the pictures as you know, but can I just say how much I love your writing too? Love it. Anyway, miss you...we need to get together again...

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