Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh, but it's so true......

Caroline is spoiled.

This is her "Mom, what are you doing & why aren't you picking me up" face.

It's no big surprise.  She's our little princess & she knows it.  And I'm helpless to do anything about it.

She wants me, and only me, and I secretly love it.
She's already learned that being loud is the only way to be heard around here.
And look out if you take something away from her that she wanted!

Man, am I in for it!


HollyC said...

Seriously...she could not be any more precious!! She just tickles me. Love her little dress!! Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Madsen said...

that dress!!! Oh she is adorable in it. Where is it from?

pakosta said...

oh but that's just how it should be! I was the youngest of 7 and I wasn't spoiled, but I should have been!
she is PRECIOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have the most beautiful family.. I love reading your blog! I hope I have a family like yours one day! Keep posting :)

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