Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Fun

I had these waiting for the kids when they got home from school.  Just some chocolate bonbons I had made.  With sprinkles.  What kid can pass up sprinkles, right?  First Zane.  Then Max.  Then Jake.  They all fell for it.  My chocolate-dipped cottonballs!

It was another April Fools victory for mom & dad. 
Last year, Brian had the boys flying out the door, half-asleep, "late for school".  They were running down the street before they realized they'd been had.  When they noticed that it was still kind of dark outside.  They stopped running, and turned around.... to see dad on the front porch, with the video camera, laughing his head off. 
It was so great.


Jill Ison said...

you are magical and full of goodness :)

pakosta said...

wow! that is hilarious!
have you ever heard of the one where the mom froze the kids bowl of cheerios and milk in the freezer? that would be a good one! but I think this one is even more believe-able! LOL!!!!

Emily said...

That is awesome! I froze my kids cereal this year and it was great! I might have to try yours next year!

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