Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jake turns 14

I thought I'd post this before he turns 15!  His birthday was back in October.

I'm pretty sure everyone likes Jake.  He's such a great kid!  He's nice, and considerate, and doesn't even complain about mowing the lawn every Saturday.  And holy flip!  He's turning into a man before my very eyes!!  I mistake his low, manly voice for Brian's all the time.  It's so weird!!

He had a big movie/game party at Automated Environments' showroom, of which I took no pictures.  But they had a blast.  He would have preferred a dance party, since he's currently obsessed with dancing, but I was just not up to it.  Maybe next year.

Happy Birthday baby boy!

I love you!!!


Ammie said...

Nicole, he is so handsome! What a cutie!! It's crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?

Crane Family said...

Hi Nicole--Wow -- Jake is practically a man! Isn't it weird? I remember being pregnant together, and now they are all so grown up! Hope your family is doing good! Love to see what you're up to.... one of these days we'll make it to AZ, it's been too long!

Jen said...

HE IS SO HANDSOME!! Can NOT believe how fast he's grown up! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

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