Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is Beautiful!........

Because I am done giving my talk in Sacrament Meeting!!!!!


I am now free to continue on with my happy life!

I am not a fan of public speaking.

Few things stress me out more.

I wish I wasn't like this.

But I am.

I wish I were one of those people that can spout off, coherently, on any random subject, with confidence and ease.

But I'm not.

But it's over! and I feel like skipping and twirling and singing like a bird!!!

Life is good again!


Kurt and Marnie said...

I sympathize with your pain!!! I'm glad it's over so that you can enjoy our fun trip to Coronado!

♕Kⅈℓ℮⅄♕ said...

i just spoke today too! So nice to be done! What was your subject? I am sure you did great! Excited to hang on the beach in a few days!

♕Kⅈℓ℮⅄♕ said...

This is acutally Nichole

Lori said...

I thought you did a great job! You weren't nervous at all!

Leigh said...

You did awesome!

Holly said... didn't let on at all! I thought you did great! I did, however, want to make a funny face at you...but I didn't. Ha!

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