Thursday, June 18, 2009


Aahhhh.....strolling along the Seine........Pont Neuf, Paris' oldest bridge,
in the background.
The Sainte-Chapelle......700 years old.....with the most amazing stained glass windows.
And then on to Notre Dame.....

We are all about eating. And we did alot of it.
Good thing we walked our little patooties off or we'd have each gained 50 pounds!

If something looked good, we bought one, or two, or three, and tried it. Eventually, Mars got comfortable enough to go in a shop by herself & buy something. You see, it was really all just an educational pursuit......all the purchasing of baguettes & pastries & crepes & quiches & glace & profiteroles au chocolat..........

Sorbet??...Sure! I'll try some!
Fresh flowers, fresh baguettes, fresh everything........France is so cool!!!

And fabulous gardens & architecture everywhere!

And a late lunch at Les Deux Magots to top off our Paris side-trip........before catching the Eurostar back to London.
Man, I wish I were sitting right there, on the Boulevard St.-Germain, right now!!!


Funny in my mind said...

What an amazing adventure. I will definitely put Paris on my to do list. After Scotland and Ireland and Italy. Or maybe before. Love Mars outfit. The tights are so chic!

HELLO my name is Jill said...

could your daughter be any cuter? i love how you get a picture of her nonchalantly feedling the birds and theres the amazing notre dame in the background. oh and the tulips! no one could have made photos of paris as interesting as you did. not to say paris isnt interesting, just vacations photos are usually a bore. though not so with you. you've got me wanting to get out and see the world.

shawni said...

I cannot believe these pictures or how much I'm drooling right now! I want to go back over there SO bad! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

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