Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ivy League Preschool

That's what we like to call Gus's preschool.

But it's actually called Discovery Club.

They just finished their solar system unit. 
Gus knows more about the planets and asteroids and gravity than I do.  We couldn't believe the astronomy facts that were coming out of him.
And they learned a song about the planets that Gus will sing at the top of his lungs on demand.

This preschool totally rocks!

Right now they're studying volcanos, among other things, and I came to take pictures when it was build-your-own-volcano day.

watching the demonstration

They would go get a little cup of baking soda,(I think), then squirt vinegar in it to make a lava flow.
Way cute.

They're probably learning algebra next.  Or maybe a little biochemistry.

I'd really like to hear a song using all the African countries. 

Now that would be something!


Holly said...

Ha ha! They DO do the song of the African countries... Savannah still sings it. I, quite frankly, could sing it, if I had a day or two to brush up on it. Discovery Club is THE BEST!

Jaime said...

Wow. Slightly jealous. I need to find something like that for my little one. Nic told me recently that "Square" meant "Rectangle" in Spanish. hmm.

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