Tuesday, October 5, 2010

birthdays and such

I turned 39 last week and I can't say that I enjoyed it, except for the Sprinkles cupcakes that Brian got me, the evil man, right when I'm trying to lose a load of baby weight!  I'm feeling way too old.
But I also got a whole day off, which is pretty much the best thing ever.
A whole day to myself, uninterrupted by carpools & baby naps & 4-year-olds.
I definitely enjoyed that.
Too many calories to count, but you only turn 39 once, right?
Actually, maybe I'll be turning 39 for many years to come........

Two days later, Jake turned 13.
It wasn't a party year for him, but he had a few friends over for a scary movie late night.  He & his friends are so into scary movies right now.  They love to freak themselves out, even though they can't go to sleep that night because of it.  At one point I walked into the family room to find them all huddled together screaming like little girls.  So funny!
We took him shopping at Sidewalk Surfer & to lunch at Red Robin.
We just can't believe he's thirteen already.
It seems like just yesterday that I was holed up in our student housing apartment, running the vacuum for hours trying to soothe this colicky baby.
Good thing he was such a stinkin' cute baby!

The other day I walked into my shower to find this......
......and I smiled real big.
Zane & Gus had taken a shower in there the night before & had rounded up all the rubber duckies they could find.
I love finding unexpected evidences of little people around my house.
I know I'm going to miss it some day.

Although, that day seems very far away.

Brian finally put to rest his ancient Palm Treo and got an iPhone.
I think he loves it more than me.

This was a stupid idea.
These candy jars were basically full two days ago.

We got a new exersaucer.
Caroline's toes barely touch the bottom.
She must be teething because she's very slobbery lately.

We ended the week with General Conference & stayed in our jammies all day.
Zane & Gus got alot out of the afternoon session.

And that sums up our week.......except, of course, all the soccer & volleyball & basketball games & practices & piano lessons & scouts & a preschool program & Dr. appointment & lots of homework & laundry......


Jaime said...

Wait... Brian got an iPhone for YOUR birthday?! That ain't right! lol... Happy belated birthday! GREAT picture of you!

Robyn said...


Seriously, you're family is too darling for words. Cute. All of them.

And the iphone photo? Classic. We could insert my husbands face into that :)

Nichole said...

Nicole Happy Birthday! I am sure party planner Brian took great care of you! Love the updates on your family! Happy Bday to Jake too! He is such a cute kid!

Tracy said...

Happy belated birthday! You look great for 39! I turn 38 in November and am dreading it! But maybe if I ask for yummy cupcakes instead of cake, it might make it all better.

The iphone is a love thing...I am pretty sure my husband loves his more than me too...he spends more time with it, is all I can say.

Just want to say I enjoy reading your blog (I stalk it alot!)

amy said...

Hey, it was my birthday too. I didn't know we were so much alike. Happiest Birthday. Rock on

shawni said...

Happy, happy birthday to such a wonderful YOUNG girl. Hope it was a great one. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Caroline in the next post. I wish I could come eat her up with you.

Cosette said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!! I thought of you all day on the 30th! Sounds like it was great. It is so fun to check in and see your family every so often. Love your pictures- and cute kids! Crazy that Jake and Maddie are 13!! Loved those baby days together. One of these days we should chat. Have a great day!

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