Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Arizona Tourists part 2

I'm so behind in everything right now!  Buried.  I've taken on too much, like I always seem to do this time of year.  Booger!

So here's what we did on our second daytrip during October break.
I was craving some fall color, so we went to find some.  We headed up to Flagstaff, which was in peak fall leaf color.  It was awesome
So we jumped out of the car for some pics......

And this is what I get.
No cooperation.

And then there's my little angel!
She's quickly becoming my favorite child.

Then we continued our drive down through Oak Creek Canyon towards Sedona.

We stopped at Slide Rock, which is really cool.
The kids had never been there.
We hiked around.

Then Brian tells Jake & Max he'll give them ten bucks each if they go down it.
Now, we didn't bring any swimsuits, since it is October!  And the water was freezing!
But they took him up on it.
And stripped down to their undies.
In front of strangers.
And floated on down.
We were all cracking up.

I think they were mostly worried that I would post undie shots of them on my blog.
They'll do anything for ten bucks!

After the boys changed back into their dry clothes behind some bushes, we headed back to the car, just before it started pouring.

It stormed hard most of the way home, so I didn't get any Sedona pics.

Next trip maybe.


Michelle said...

Beautiful! I'm envious of yours and Brian's patience to put 6 kids in the car to drive around the state.

Jaime said...

i love slide rock. i've never been there when there wasn't a crazy amount of people, though. nice! ;)

favorite kid, huh?! ;)

HollyC said...

You live in a beautiful state...and have beautiful kids! I can't believe the boys did that!! LOL! Good Times.

shawni said...

It poured at slide rock when we were there too. Oh I'm drooling at the Fall leaves. I wonder if they're still pretty up there?

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