Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Another Halloween is here already!
It snuck up on me when I wasn't looking!

Here's how  Halloween 2010  went down at the Mason household........

Hi, I'm Zane.  I'm eight years old. 
The picture of me on the right is my grenade-throwing pose. 
I switched costumes last minute from Commander Rex to this other commando guy because I realized my green shoelaces on my new Vans matched the commando guy costume.  Because I'm obsessed with matching things lately.  Like, for instance, I want to wear my blue Volcom t-shirt to school every day so I will match my blue mechanical pencil I use at school.  I try to sneak out of the house in the morning in my dirty, already-worn, blue t-shirt before my mom catches me.  It's worked a few times.  

Hi, I'm Jake.  I'm thirteen years old.
I'm a grim-reaper guy.  And my eyes are naturally red right now because I wore my contacts overnight last night at a scout campout & didn't get any sleep either.  But I have big plans with my friends tonight.  Like jumping out of garbage cans to scare little kids & stuff like that.  And apparently I'm too old now to trick-or-treat, so I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get some candy......

Hi, I'm Max.  I'm ten years old.
I'm a Mad Scientist this year.  I can't wait to go trick-or-treating with my best friends Noah & Braxton.  We're going to ride our scooters so we can hit as many houses as we can so we can get as much candy as possible.  Then, when we're done, I'll go home & my brothers & I will spread our candy on the floor for some candy-trading.

Hi, I'm Gus.  I'm 4 years old.
I'm a Commando guy with a cool gun and big muscles.  I've changed my mind every day about my Halloween costume.  Some days I want to be Commander Fox.  Other days I want to be a policeman.  And sometimes I want to be a pirate guy.  But all I know is that I'll put on whatever costume Mom gives me so that I can go trick-or-treating!

Hi, I'm a witch.
So it's not a big stretch for me, OK?  I have been pretty witchy lately.
But the fake wart was a big hit.
I was going to keep it on for church the next day but I chickened out.
I'm trying really hard to have fun & enjoy this day, but I just can't help but look forward to when this is all over & my house is back to normal.....

Hi, I'm Caroline.  I'm 5 1/2 months old.
I have no idea what's going on.
Why are they doing this to me?
Everyone seems to be laughing at me.
I think I'll just sit in my stroller & go to sleep til it's over.

Hi, I'm Marlee.  I'm 15 almost 16 years old.
I'm looking freaky in my black morphsuit.  I'm going to help Dad in our haunted house & scare people.  Then I'm going to party-hop with my friends.  But we have to beg for rides to go anywhere, which is a total drag.  Life is going to be so much better when I can drive!

The Annual Neighborhood Block Party
So much fun.
Food and games and music.
And I love that you can see everyone's costumes before it gets too dark.

I was lovin' these costumes......
How cool are they!
I love a man who will dress up for Halloween!

And speaking of, Brian missed the block party because he was frantically trying to get our haunted house ready......
This year's addition.....the grandfather clock.  That we found on Craig's list for $40 (which was still too much.  It's the biggest piece of crap EVER.)  But it's perfect for what we wanted.
Can you believe we do this to our house???

It takes me 2 full days to clean it up.  But it's fun.  The kids love having 'the scariest house in the neighborhood'.
Til next year, spooky haunted house!
Happy Halloweeeeen!!!!!


Felicity said...

Love the self introductions from your kids....hahaha so funny! and WOW to the haunted house! that is amazing, your kids must LOVE it. And Caroline's suit, cutest.thing.ever She is gorgeous!!!

The McGraths said...

You guys are the best at HAlloween! The house was AMAZING! And I'm totally diggin your shoes!

Robyn said...

Whaaaaat? Are you kidding me? Your house! Amazing.

It's official. I'm never going to be a cool mom.

You rock.

Jaime said...

And I thought putting up my spider webs and pumpkin cutouts was a lot of work - Dang, woman! Your house looks crazy (and all spooky-like). All of the kids (and the witch included) look FANTASTIC this year! And Caroline?! Cutest kitty out there. That's one black cat I wouldn't mind crossing my path! :D

Jill Ison said...

im moving to your block! no, not really. but i want a block that parties like that!!! you guys DO halloween :)

marlee's costume!!! haha!! and where oh where did you find witch shoes??? Those are authentic I am fairly certain.

shawni said...

Oh my word you guys are amazing. I LOVE everything...the costumes, the intros. from the kids, the haunted house...how in the heck to you keep up with all this!!!??? Miss ya!

Nelson Family said...

I am so impressed! You guys have got to be the coolest family ever!

Nichole said...

I LOVE how you go all out on Halloween! Can my kids come live with you. You make it so fun!

Lisa Harris said...

Are you kidding me Nicole??? Incredible!

Kelli said...

Can I move to your block?

Tracey said...

Wow... That is impressive! I love that you all dress up. Caroline is the cutest little kitty.

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