Monday, April 4, 2011

"Oh calm down, Tiger Mother"

This is what Marlee likes to say to me or Brian when we get after her about something. 

Teenagers are so much fun.

This is like an  I Spy  picture.
Can you find Marlee among all the mess?

We put it off as long as we could, but she's finally legal.

This was a great day for Mars.  Driver's license and took her final for her on-line American History class.  The blasted thing's done!  Such a relief for her!

I can't wait to put her to work running errands for me.
Yesterday she wanted pizza after she got home from track, and Jake was dying for some Filibertos (Yuck) , so she, Jake & Max got in the car & drove off.  My three children.  Driving away.  Without me.  It was plain weird.


NattybyDesign said...

Scary, but awesome! Once I got my license my chores were no longer cleaning, they were picking up the dry cleaning, running little brother and friends to the movies, head to the grocery store. I loved it and so did my mom!

Nichole said...

I am right behind you with Kiley and freaking out! I love that teenage rooms look the same. I finally gave up on that battle. I am sick of every dang piece of clothing being thrown in the dirty clothes though!!

Johnson said...

I love the I Spy picture, I could take a similar one every day of my own Marly. Oh, and I love the freedom of having a teenage driver in the house. Bliss for mom.

Jessica said...

I can't even imagine my children driving!! Love that blue wall color in Marlee's room. Can you share the name?

Leigh said...

Does she hire out for those errands you speak of??

Jaime said...

First. I have to say - I had no IDEA Marlee was on that bed. lol... Crazy!

"Calm down" is famous in my house too! And I am not the one saying it anymore.

I just posted on FB last night - we have 28 days until Alex gets his permit. It's kah-razzzyyy!

hizles said...

I teared up reading this ... one day I will go through this same exact thing ... Congrats to your daughter.

Julie said...

Send this picture to Marlee when she calls you in 20 years frustrated with her daughter who won't pick up her messes. :)

Hey, quick question... how on earth do you get your pictures to display so large? Mine are teeny!

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