Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Jake is the prankster in our family, so today is his big day. April Fools Day. He plans for it days in advance.
I've had talks with him about what is OK & what is taking things too far, but I'm always afraid it's all going in one ear & out the so many other things.
I nixed the Pam on the toilet seats & anything having to do with ketchup or food coloring, among other things.......
But I liked this little trick he came up with.
Oreos with toothpaste where the creme was.
So, we got our Oreos ready, then went to find some victims.

Zane totally fell for it, Brian almost did (we blew it by hovering too much when he was going to eat one), and Marlee was on to us. She's a trickster herself & was wary of everything.

Mars got me good! She put milk & taco sauce in my half-drunk can of Diet Coke in the fridge & watched me pull it out & take a sip. Disgusting!
I'll have to get her good next year.

And you better believe I'm checking my toothpaste & washcloth & pillow & under my covers.......
....and definitely the toilet seat......before I go to bed tonight!!


Michelle said...

haha! We have so many of the same favorite holidays! I just need to convert you to the celebration of GroundHog's Day!!
I'm thinking...lunch - soon.

Holly said...

I LOVE it! Ha ha!

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