Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Fun

It was a rainy Easter Saturday. But that didn't stop us.
We still had the annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt.........

Zane, who was sure everyone else got more eggs than him, declared this "the worst Easter ever!" Then to find out he didn't get a plastic ring in one of his eggs like Max did!! Oh, the injustices of this cruel world! I tried to explain to him that each kid could only find 12 eggs to make it fair, which, in my opinion, is a form of socialism. May the best man find the most eggs & keep them! is what I always say.............anyway, Zane wasn't hearing any of it.

Then, some cousins came in town & we colored eggs all afternoon.........

It was so fun to have Justin in town for a day.

Max , being the artistic one in the family, was way into it!

So was Jolie.

Gus loved it! He's obsessed with eggs, and he loves making messes, so this was right up his alley.
When he's concentrating he wags his tongue back & forth like this. So funny.
And I think we'll pass on the glitter next year......not a good idea.

Look at these beauties!!
And now for Easter Egg Hunt #2 !!!

.........again in the rain.........

........but no one seemed to mind.

I told them to do their favorite pose......I think Jolie's is my favorite.
Gus missed this hunt because he was passed out on the family room floor with chocolate all over his face, and poor Jake missed both egg hunts because of a basketball game & helping someone move.
Apparently, 14 years old is not too old to hunt for Easter eggs, we found out,
and Zane ended up having a pretty good day, despite himself.
Later, we heated up the jacuzzi & the kids went swimming.
Good times were had by all!


The L.A. Nikolaus Fam said...

So CUTE!!! Do I have your permission to steal some of these pics for my collection? What a fun Easter! I wish I could have made it over. Are you coming for the graduation? I want to see you guys! Wuv you! xoxo!

HELLO my name is Jill said...

k 1. gus's incredible hulk hands... awesome!

2. i also declared this the worst easter ever but for very different reasons.

3. You get the best pictures!

What camera do you have? I am thinking of upgrading. And do you like it.... or are you thinking of upgrading??

julie said...

Man, what I would give to live in your neighborhood. I think you are friends of Shawni's, so I'm guessing you live in AZ. I wish we could move back west and have been telling my husband that Arizona wouldn't be so bad. He hasn't budged, UNTIL I showed him these photos. He said, "Wow. That is beautiful. But that is not Arizona." So, could you prove me right? Are you in AZ?

HELLO my name is Jill said...

the nikon D3!! Is that on your wish list? It's for sure on mine but I do wonder how heavy it is. especially after i get the lens i want to go with it. do you have the 24-70mm 2.8? Alot of the photographers I like to stalk use that one. I hear good things about it. I'm glad your nikon though because im noticing lots and lots of photographers are canon people and it was starting to give me a complex about my nikon. we could totally have a photoshoot together. that would be fun. plus if i ever get my studio lights I'm gonna have to ask you how to wrk them. sad isnt it. what kind of lights do you have? I have some hot light that my dad gave me but i dont know howto use them and ive heard strobe is awesome. sorry this is so darn long.

Holly said...

The rain kept me away this year... good think Brett decided to take the kids. Wanna send me the neighborhood group picture? Love all of your fun shots!

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