Sunday, April 5, 2009

Max turns 9!

Swim party!!
We heated the pool to a nice 80 degrees. It was a beautiful day!

A big blue ball for everyone! It was alot of bang for the buck.

Water balloons, a warm swimming pool & a sheet cake.
What more could a guy ask for on his birthday?
.......maybe some more Legos?

Look at how strong my sexy man is.........

Brian always gets a good workout in the pool, because the kids constantly want to be thrown around.
It's Max's favorite thing.

Check this picture out! The aliens finally got Brian. They beamed him up to the mother ship right out of the pool! haha!
Cool, huh?!

What a cute group of boys!
Happy Birthday Max!!!
I can't believe you're already nine!

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Becky said...

Hi Nicole!!! I just had to say hello.. I try to check in one in a while and see your fun family in action.. and all your posts just make me smile. Jackson just turned 8.... I remember when Max was born! So, I just had to write and tell you, it made me think back to UCLA, when I read about him turning 9! That is a cute group of boys at his party. Very fun. Are all those boys in your ward? Hope to see you soon... Love, B.

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