Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Training game with the Bakers

It took the Bakers coming in town for us to go to our first Spring Training game.......the Mariners, of course.
We got lawn tickets & sprawled out in the sun with our hotdogs & Cokes & churros & slurpees......
........and grapes.

I think Jake & Max did this the whole time.

I love Kate's freckles.

Maybe I was just super hungry, since I'm not a hotdog person, but these hotdogs were AWESOME!!! I'm craving one right now! Weird.

We were cracking up at Zane.
He found himself this little pocket of shade & set up camp.

Keaton's the biggest baseball fan of us all. He was diggin' it.
(notice Jake & Max still fighting in the background)
It was so, so fun. I can't believe we hadn't done this sooner. But it was hanging out with the Bakers that made it so super fun.
We had a GREAT weekend with you guys!

1 comment:

Ben and Amberly said...

Spring training games are my favorite. Looks like you guys had tons of fun.

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