Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gus: In Real Life

This is Gus as he usually is.
No attempts were made to clean him up (obviously) or any wardrobe help.
This look is typical for him.
Pull-Up. T-shirt. Messy face. Fave toy-of-the-day. Aftermath of candy or gum he's found from either rifling through my purses or searching Marlee's room.

I love this little face!!!

He likes to hang out by me on Tuesdays when I'm taking 'Wall of Fame' headshots...... this.

So I usually end up taking test shots on him.
He's all for it, but refuses to ever look right at the camera.

I just got back from back-to-back Family Reunion & Girls Camp, and holy crap
it's great to be home!!!

Even if it is 110 degrees!

And I've got hundreds of pictures to go through........after we go see Harry Potter & hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!


Holly said...

When you go to Nordstroms....take me with you!!!

Michelle said...

Welcome home!!

Lisa said...

I've been admiring your photography skills! You gots skills girl! Mind if I check back once in a while? I'm Shawni's freind..not a creep I promise! I have 4 monkeys and no girl to my got one I see. Lucky lucky you! I think Shawni told me you went to dental school in WA. We lived in Kirkland for 10 yrs. Love it there!

Lisa said...

oh i forgot to do you get your pictures so freakin' big and beatiful??? I love that! I take full rez photos but they turn out small and puny on my blog....

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