Thursday, July 30, 2009

So there you have it.

I was just laying on the floor letting the kids climb all over me, when I realized a few things........

First, that my house is a sty & I need a serious deep-cleaning. The view from ground-level is horrifying!

And secondly, how my blog is looking more like a travelog lately & am feeling the need to record some daily life. Since this is the only journal I keep. And I might want to remember this stuff one day. Who knows?


getting my Suburban fixed after I mangled it backing into a boulder.

being stuck in my house for 2 days straight while my Suburban was being fixed.

actually paying my kids to leave me alone.

being totally amazed each day to find that Mr. Bunny Buns isn't dead. Yet.

Mars turning into Miss Oral Hygiene since she's been going to work with Brian lately.

pathetic, inconsistent potty-training attempts.

Sonic slush runs.

being totally impressed lately with Zane's advanced vocabulary. For example, yesterday, as I handed him his daily PB & J,......."Mom, this sandwich looks delectable."

thenI found out he learned it from SpongeBob.

pretending to be off Diet Coke when I'm really not.

making an entire Thanksgiving dinner (minus the yams) just for fun.

wondering how many swim days in a row we can get away with before one has to take a real bath.

Brian reminding me how strong he is now from his workouts.

Zane losing a tooth just minutes ago while eating CocoPuffs.

Jake honing his incredibly-annoying-nonsense-noise-making skills.

attempting some pet portraits.

The kids thought this was so funny.

This is them trying to get Daisy into the tutu.

laughing with Brian at Extendz commercials.

enjoying the brisk 100 degree night-time weather.

Gus talking non-stop. I find myself remembering fondly those days not so long ago when he still couldn't talk & we thought he might be retarded.
Those were the days.

being in denial that school is about to start again. I'm not that normal Mom who can't wait for school to start. I like the carefree summer days with the kids around. I'm not ready for the structure.

having deep conversations with Brian about how time's flying by too quickly. I'm feeling like my youth is rapidly slipping(slipped) through my fingers & what have I done with my life besides wiping countertops & noses? I know. I know. What's more important & rewarding than motherhood.....yada yada yada......I just wish there was time to do more. Our good years are spent on the kid stage & by the time we're free to do other things, we're worn out & on anti-depressants. I would suggest to Heavenly Father a 9-lives Plan where I could do the super-mom life, then a doctor-saving-lives life, then a cool world-traveling archaeologist life or something like life-time doesn't seem to be enough...................Do you feel me? Do you get what I'm saying? I'm wondering if this is how a mid-life crisis begins..............You know I'm just venting, right? ..... Where's that Diet Coke? ...... So I'm thinking there may be great truth in the phrase "Time flies when you're having fun". Time is flying by, because we are having fun (most of the time) . And I am most thankful for that!

and then I spent the rest of the day opening popsicle wrappers.

So there you have it.


Ben and Amberly said...

OK, you should freelance write in a newspaper column or something. Good stuff! We look forward to every new post, ready to just crack up... Keep up the great writing!

Chrissy said...

I check everyday to see something new on your blog! You crack me up! Unlike you I long for school to start, but unlike you I am not super-mom or "fancy" for that matter. We too go on marathon swim days with no baths! Certainly they are clean from all the pool water... Right?!?

I miss seeing you!

Max said...

Love all the updates, Nicole! Man it took me forever ot scroll through all those GORGEOUS pictures! I love them all.

I'm totally wiht you on the no-go-back-to-school wishing....but I must say it's so good to be home. Talk soon.

Max said...

This is really Shawni

Becky said...


Thought I would splurge and spend some time on the computer.. just wanted to check in to see what you have been up to. And MAN! I want to go to Ireland now!!! Never been to Europe.. but looking at your pictures makes me want to go!!!

Hope all is well with you. Just had to write and say hello. This post made me laugh out loud. You are great. I wish you lived on my street. :)

Take care, and let me know if you are ever in Vegas!!

The Scotts said...

Okay I am laughing so hard right now!!! Especially when you said that Gus talks non-stop and you liked when he couldn't and you thought he might be retarded. LOL!!!! We were just saying the same thing about our boy Jake only he now talks nonstop but we has some major speech issues that I am too lazy (I know that is bad) to find out if it is age or real issues. Thanks for this post especially your venting paragraph. I really needed that and just told Jared today that I think I need to restart my Dr Pepper habit.

Noelle said...

Just plain funny! What a great writer you are and so witty! Life is crazy and that is what keeps us all grounded! I relate to so many of your comments, its scary!

Michelle said...

Well said. I need to be better at my journaling. You have inspired me.
You're awesome!
But I'm with Chrissy - I clicked my heels all the way to school to drop the kids off today!!

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